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I am at the head of the curriculum GSI ("Génie des Systèmes Informatiques", that is "Software Systems Engineering") in the graduate school at "Institut Mines-Telecom Atlantique" (IMT Atlantique), Nantes. The curriculum, also known as Geek Student Inside, is dedicated to software development. It is renowned in the field, since top french companies hire our students:

Presentation of the curriculum GSI

Each year, at the beginning of Spring, we present the different graduate curricula to the undergraduate students at IMT Atlantique. Here the content of my talk (in French) dedicated to GSI: it gives an overview of the curriculum for students with no specific background in Computer Science nor in Software Development. Its aim is more promotional than strictly informative. For details, see the two-year program in French or in English.

GSI is hiring. If you are a student and consider a possible application, please refer to IMT Atlantique's web site.

Courses at IMT Atlantique (Nantes Campus)

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