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I was born in 1967 at Carnac, France. After my studies in Mathematics (major) and Physics (minor) at the Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, I entered the École nationale des ponts et chaussées, where I began to learn a few foundations for programming, among other things. During the next years, I became a software developer and a teacher in programming at part-time. As I felt myself too much self-taught, I decided to come back to school. Thanks to Didier Caucal and René Lalement, my first advisors in computer science, I completed a PhD in computer science: the subject was mobile code security. Before defending my thesis, I have also worked for eighteen months at Trusted Logic, a start-up company stemming from INRIA and finally acquired by Gemalto in 2009, that provided secure software components and companion services for embedded systems. It was a great opportunity to concretely apply my new skills in security and in formal methods. Since 2003, I have been working at Mines de Nantes as a researcher and a teacher. My research interests are in programming languages, from a semantic perspective. Since September 2007, I have been at the head of the graduate option GSI, dedicated to software development.


  • 1985-1990: undergraduate and graduate studies in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering, Lycée Louis-Le-Grand and Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées
  • 1997-2000 et 2002-2003: PhD in Computer Science, École nationale des ponts et chaussées

Professional Experience

  • 1993-1997: software developer and teacher in programming
  • 2001-2002: R&D engineer, Trusted Logic
  • 2003-now : researcher and teacher in computing and information science at Mines de Nantes

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